Contract Professionals & Consultants…

Recruit For Specific Needs  

Our goal is to assist our Client Partner to solve their problems by identifying and applying the exact experience and expertise needed. We do this effectively because we do not stockpile outdated resources. We continually recruit the right resources for the right need; in the time and place it is needed. As a resource partner, we emphasize long-term mutually beneficial relationships and take pride in our ability to achieve results within the operating structure established by our Clients.

Contract Professionals & Consultants

We have developed resources to deliver quality candidates to Client partners for temporary professional assignments. Why hire a full time employee, when a project only requires a few months to complete. We recruit Contract Professionals and Consultants on a contingent basis so our Clients are only obligated for the talent they need and use.

  • We can recruit Contract Professionals and Consultants for any type of project, in all specialties and at all levels.

  • Our Client Partners remain control of their project direction, decision-making, supervision, duration and costs.

Tremendous savings are achieved in overall consulting costs by using our ‘recruit for the specific consulting need’ approach. Click here to see how you can save up to 50%.

Training Projects

Training accounts for many of the special projects that Human Resources, Operations, Sales and Marketing, Finance and other key departments must execute each year. We provide Trainers and training programs for every type of training situation. Training projects can produce a healthy Return On Investment with the ‘recruit for the specific training need’ approach.

  • Effective training must achieve its purpose. It begins with a clear goal to be achieved and the development of learning steps. Adding measurement tools can take the guesswork out of managing training effectiveness.

  •  Clients can choose between custom training including consultation, analysis, program design & delivery or successful programs such as Zenger Miller, Inscape and others.

  • Train-the-Trainer programs provide Client ownership to internal training.

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