Customized Recruiting & Staffing Solutions…

Unique, Tailor-Made and Effective

Customized Solutions means just that – unique, tailor-made and effective. Every Client situation will have special circumstances that will require adjustment. In fact, some situations require a ‘ton’ of adjustment. We can fully evaluate each Client situation and make the proper adjustments because we possess the industry experience and a true commitment of our Clients’ success. Below are a few customized solutions. New ones are in development for Clients every day.

Human Resource Services

Growing, emerging companies, start-ups, spin-offs and companies in similar situations may benefit from contracting out their HR administration. These HR functions are available without the hiring of a single employee. A company can lessen its non-revenue generating administrative duties while also reducing liabilities and exposure to risk. At the same time, their employees can receive state-of-the-art payroll services and attractive benefit packages.

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Contingent Workforce Administration

Many companies utilize important contingent workforces, either for peak loads, seasonal needs or as an integral part of their continuing operations. It is important for them to control these labor & overhead costs and not distract their focus from core business. In these situations, we can provide needed payroll and benefit processing, staffing maintenance, job orientation and training, turnover analysis as well as other administrative functions. We offer our Clients more ways to measure, manage and increase the productivity of their contingent workforce.

Vendor Management

The varied and multiple staffing/recruiting demands on business today can be difficult when companies are not prepared or have not committed the necessary resources. Operations are hurt by delays in finding qualified candidates either from not knowing where to find them or agencies that do not deliver on their promises. The answer is Vendor Management. It is a system that routes, through a Vendor Manager, all hiring requisitions for temporary or permanent personnel that require the use of outside agencies.

The Vendor Manager through experience, research, negotiation, sub-vendor relations, performance tracking and, of course, management skills, insures the hiring requisitions are actively handled and filled in a timely manner with qualified applicants. Vender Management consolidates all staffing and recruiting vendors into one easily managed system that is more productive and cost-effective.

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